Benefits of Assistive technology in the classroom


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With many developments in technology, teachers are able to implement some useful tools in their classroom to help students with disabilities or make their course more accessible. Students with mobility challenges can benefit from alternative keyboards and touch screens. Besides this, Arise Technologies bring out new developments and expected to be a boon to the learning process. Here we describe how assistive technology in the classroom help students with disabilities to learn. The devices of assistive technology can be measured different instruments which used by people with disabilities to execute functions which might otherwise be tough or altogether not possible. It is an expansive and fairly conceptual meaning which has several applications. Like mobility equipments together with power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, walking aids and power scooters are all believe assistive technology. Somewhat, the latest technology is primitive evaluated to digital and high quality gadgetry but however allows the mobility of a person who would otherwise have a few amount of trouble moving about.

Screen readers

This is one of the benefits of technology, designed for blind or visually impaired students. It helps users to read texts that are shown on the computer screen with the help of a speech synthesizer.

Word Prediction programs

It contains several applications, some of them have to be downloaded from internet, and help persons with writing challenges. The tool helps students to predict the word that he intends to type. It works based on syntax, spelling and recent use. This assistive technology helps students who struggle with writing, such as proper grammar, word choice, spelling, etc with the help of a few keystrokes.

Word Talk

This program loudly reads documents written in Word and produce audio files that can be saved. This technology can be accessed using custom-made keyboard shortcuts and utilized by persons with vision challenges or those who struggle to use a mouse efficiently.

Video Magnifiers

This is a type of CCTV that utilizes a video camera to show magnified images on monitor. Students with vision challenges can use this technology to read their study materials easily and effortlessly.

Supernova Access Suite

This is a comprehensive screen reader that includes screen magnifier and natural sounding speech as well as Braille display support. Students can choose from a variety of suites based on their needs.


This technology works as a normal webcam and enable students to use their face and head motions to execute different tasks, such as clicking on sites, pointing the cursor, typing on the keyboard, etc. The tool includes a flexible setting for sensitivity; hence users can easily control the mouse pointer.

Sip-and-Puff Systems

This is an innovative technology that makes using computers easier for students with mobility issues. Students can control a mouth-stick using their breath! They can guide the mouth-stick to type on keyboard, click on web pages and implement other tasks.

To conclude, assistive technology in the classroom can make a big difference in students regarding their accessibility and education performance.

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